4150 Locomotive Fund

September 2022 update

By Pete Maddicks

Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd. Dave Mc and Peter D were on site in the boiler shop and helped to fit five of the six flue tubes.

Saturday 3rd. The first day working in the shed for the team today, what a great working environment, clean and light. The first job we did was mop up the oil that the loco had dropped on the floor, I also removed the trimmings from the oil pots to stop more oil dripping on the floor. Bob L, Simon B, Steve M and myself on site today, as the shed is open next weekend, so we gave the loco a spruce up. Bob, Simon, and I fitted the number plates and Steve then gave them a good polish, Bob gave all the red oxide on the bunker a coat of green undercoat. Simon and I fitted the operating rod for the drain cocks, we then fitted the rear steam heat pipe. Steve gave the wheels and rods a clean. The last job of the day was to put the information board and donation box on the loco for the weekend.

Monday 5th. On site today, Bob L, Tony H, Steve T, Charles L, Phil H, Dave Mc and I. Today Bob got a coat of green topcoat on the bunker, with the number plates on the rear of the loco looking great. Bob and I collected the drain cock operating lever that is fitted in the cab from the stores van and Charles fitted it. Tony, Steve and Phil fitted the new drain cocks. Charles removed the temporary steam heat drip valve and fitted the original one that we found in the container, as it is a little shorter the pipe work will need a little bit of adjustment. I removed the oil pots from the top of the rocker shafts, cleaned out the old oil and sludge. I then refitted them. Dave removed part of the greats from Hagley Hall and then helped the boiler smith’s fit the last flue tube.

Saturday 10th. No work today, fund AGM at Kidderminster Railway Museum. A good turnout of fund shareholders, over forty. We are all legal for the next twelve months. The provisional date for AGM in 2023 is on Saturday 9th September, at 1400hrs at Kidderminster Railway Museum, see you there.

Monday 12th. Tony H, Phil H, Steve T, Charles L, Peter D and Dave Mc on site today, I called in with my father to let him see the progress on the loco. He told the boys get a move on as he wants a ride on the loco as he is 91!

Phil, made some copper washers as home work for the center drain cocks, (steam chest) it was then possible for them to be finished completely, therefore Phil, Steve and Tony have now completed this job. They are fully operational.

In the boiler shop were Pete, Charles, and Dave. Peter reamed out the ten remaining stay holes, the new ones can now be manufactured. Charles and Dave ground back the first three flue tubes and almost finished the fourth. Two and a half to go.

Saturday 17th. A busy weekend, the autumn steam gala, the shed was not open to the public so it was business as usual. Four of us today Simon B, Dave Mc, Steve M and myself. Simon and Dave were preparing the boiler for painting, by removing the NDT paint with electric wire brushes. Steve rubbed down the back of the the motion-bracket and gave it a coat of green topcoat. I cleaned up the oil that the loco had dribbled on the floor, I then started to work out the damper mechanism and find all of the parts.

Monday 19th. No work today as it was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. A sad time for the family and the country. The one thing this county can do, whatever your views, is pageantry.

Wednesday 21st. Extra days on site this week, Dave Mc, Si B, Phil H, Bob L and myself today. Bob was getting a coat of black undercoat on the hand brake, column, water valve, operating bars and various nuts and bolts. I discovered that the the drain cock operating lever was to close to the boiler and would be in the way of the fire box, therefore I had to work out the correct position. Phil replaced two taper pins on the front of the drain cock operating shaft. However the main reason for being on site today was to start on expanding the boiler tubes. Dave and Si made a start after training from Phil Davidson. They were later joined by Phil. By the end of the day they had completed 87 at the fire box end. A great day boys, it is so great to see the boys, all retired learning new skills and doing a fantastic job.

Thursday 22nd. Dave Mc, Si B, Phil H, Steve T and myself on site today, Dave and Si in the fire box expanding the tubes with Phil In the smoke box clamping the tubes in place and they had a fantastic day all bar ten tubes left to do. Steve made gasket for the snifting valves and cleaned up the faces on the cylinder block ready for them. I finished off setting up the drain cocks and made a start on the damper control rods.

Friday 23th. Dave Mc, Si B, Peter D and myself on site today, Dave, Si and Peter finished off the small tubes in the fire box and then moved the tools to the smoke box end ready to make a start, but first some of them were a little long so they have to be ground back. They then made a start on fitting the last of the stays. I was a little late in getting to Bridgnorth today as I had to buy a manhole cover, you are probably wondering why! Well I had spotted a 4’x3’ section of checker plate over a man hole. It is of an old pattern call Diamond, which is no longer available, but is what we require for our footplate. I arranged to swap it for a new man hole cover. I then fitted the snifting valves.

Saturday 24th. Three of us today, Steve M, Tony H and myself. Steve M. cleaned and got a coat of red oxide on the boiler support brackets. He then cleaned off some rust from the cab roof and put on some red oxide. He then polished the tail pipes on the drain cocks. Tony and I were in the boiler shop, the job for today was to linishing the boiler ready for painting.

Monday 26th. Six of us today, Dave Mc, Tony H, Charles L, Bryn T, Steve T and myself. Dave and Charles were grinding back the small tubes in the smokebox to 3/8”. Tony, Bryn and Steve were linishing the boiler. After lunch Steve started to make gaskets for the injector water overflows. I made a start on tidying up the van.


The last flue tube in the process of being fitted.


Phil Davison screwing in the last flue tube. Photo Dave Mc.


The loco all dressed ready for the open weekend. This photo gives you some idea of what the works looks like, it is great.


Four small tubes clamped in the smoke box end ready to be expended at the firebox end.


Tony H linishing the boiler barrel ready for painting.


The firebox end with all the tubes expanded, ready for beading over.


The driver’s side drain cocks all up and complete.