4150 Locomotive Fund

October 2021 update

I would like to start this month by saying a huge thank you to all of the boys for all of their hard work over the last couple of months. Also welcome to a new volunteer, Dave Ingram, that makes three new starters with Colin and Neil Collins, this must be something of a record.

Saturday 2nd October, well down on numbers today, Kevin S, Simon B on holiday and Tony H at a family do, that left Steve M and myself. Steve got the second coat of chassis back paint on the leading coupled wheels and I was cleaning more of the main springs. At sometime in the past the springs were covered in grease and then painted over, it is therefore taking me quite a time to get them ready for new paint.

Sunday 3rd, saw Steve M and Dave M working on the driving wheels, getting them ready for the first coat of red oxide.

Monday 4th, we had a good team in, Charles L and Tony H were replacing the split pins on the pony compensating beam, all good so far, they then found one of the fitted bolts had fractured. After a long fight they got it out. A new one will have to be manufactured. Peter W, Steve T and new boy Dave I were cleaning down the driving wheels and trailing wheels. Steve T then got the first coat of red oxide on the driving wheels. I managed to clean the last main spring and get a coat of chassis back on two of them.

Saturday 9th, Steve M was getting more paint on the driving wheels, Tony H and Simon B finished off drilling out the holes in the base of the bunker. Kevin S and I started to dismantle the radial truck, which turned out to be easier said than done, as the top had to come off at a angle. We were later joined by Tony H and Simon B.

Sunday 10th, Steve M and Dave M got more paint on the driving wheels.

Monday 11th, Phil H and Gary M were drilling out the bolts that hold on the slides. Dave I and Steve T were busy getting red oxide on the driving wheels. Tony H got a coat of chassis black on two of the driving springs. I was cleaning more bits and pieces. In the afternoon we collected the frame stands from the storage shed and put them under the loco ready for the frame stretcher to be riveted in place.

Saturday 16th, three of us today, Kevin S, Tony H and myself. Tony H and Kevin S got a coat of red oxide on the last set of driving wheels. I made a start on getting the eccentric straps off the driving wheel axle, I was later joined by Tony and Kevin. By the end of the day we had got all four off and cleaned.

Monday 18th, I was not on site today, thank you Tony H for the information.

A good turn out today, Steve T cleaning and painting the driver's side frames, Charles L and Tony H positioning the jack stands under the frames. Dave Mc cleaning down under the cylinders, Dave I and Peter W painting the trailing coupled wheels.

Bob L turned over the balance pipes and painted them. Tony H and Peter D got the rivets for the frame stretcher.

Saturday 23th, another fantastic turn out today, six in all. Bob L got another coat of chassis back on balance pipes and finished off the driver's side frames with the first coat of chassis black. He was also with Kevin S, Steve M and Tony H getting the first coat of chassis black on the trailing coupled wheels and the radial truck wheels. Simon B cleaned up the eccentric straps in the boch Tony H and I put them back together after Tony had run the die nut down the bolts and a tap through the nuts.

Sunday 24th, Dave M and Steve M were busy working on the wheels again, a second coat of chassis back. They also got a coat of red under coat on the eccentrics.

Monday 25th, another good turnout, six today, not bad for a week day. It would have been eight, but two of the boys coming up from Gloucester, got stuck outside Kidderminster and then found that the Kidderminster to Bridgnorth road was closed again! I had to go on ten mile detour on what is normally a twelve mile drive. Anyway rant over! Today found Bob L was painting the frames, outside and inside at front. Steve T got himself in the frames, under were the bunker will go, getting the first coat of chassis black on. Charles L, Tony H and Peter D got the pony compensating beam turned over, with a little help from Max on the forklift truck. As soon as that was done Charles drilled out the split pins, Tony and Dave M cleaned up the frame Tony then got a coat of red oxide on. Dave was cleaning the rust off the underside of the cylinders. Peter D ordered the 7/8" rivets for the frame stretcher. I was cleaning more parts and then I cleaned out the bosh.

Extra day today, Thursday 28th, Peter D, Dave MaC, Tony H and I were in today to help Brian and Max from the full time staff, to rivet in the frame stretcher. We cut and fitted over thirty rivets, they all had to be heated before fitting. It was a long hard day, it was a job well done. Well done all.

We did not work at Bridgnorth on Saturday 30th, as it was the fund's AGM. at 1400hrs. at the Kidderminster Railway Museum. All went well and we are all up to date. Next year's AGM is on Saturday the 10th September 2022. See you there!

Sunday 31st, was the end of a very busy month. Steve M clean up the new frame stretcher and got a coat of red oxide on it. Dave M was cleaning down inside the frames and got a coat of Venetian Red paint on the rear section.



Here are two of our highly trained engineers! Tony H and Peter W.


Here we can see the driving wheels, ready for paint, first coat of red oxide and chassis black.


Steve T needle gunning the back of the right hand driving wheel.


Bob L getting a coat of chassis black on two of the main springs.


Kevin S and Tony H getting one of the eccentric sleeves off.

Video of the frame stretcher being riveted in. Max with the rivet gun Brian with the rivet jammer. In the background is Peter D.