4150 Locomotive Fund

November 2023 update

By Pete Maddicks and Tony Howard

As I write the introduction to this month’s update there are only four weeks to Christmas, and that means it is time for me to start working on my annual report for the newsletter, oh time just flies by. It only seems like yesterday that I was doing last year’s. I have not been to Bridgnorth much again this month due to family commitments, and also a visit to the Warley model railway exhibition at the NEC. 5164 was the standard gauge locomotive on show this year. It looked so small in Hall 5.

Tony will now bring you up to date on this month’s activities.

Saturday 4th November
Kevin S, Simon B, Steve M, Tony H. 
The new flanges for the steam heat pipework valves had the clearance holes drilled. The hole for the pipework will have to be opened up on the lathe. More painting was done by Steve. 

Monday 6th November. 
Bob L, Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M, Phil H, Steve T, Tony H.
After a discussion regarding the issues raised with the regulator box and valve last week, it was decided that we would machine the two faces on the regulator box. Once these had been done the regulator box and superheater header would be temporarily fitted in the smokebox so the work could be started on the main steam pipes. The regulator box and valve will be given to Severn Valley Railway Engineering Services to do the rest of the work. We had the use of the vertical jig borer in the machine shop, and Phil and Tony set the regulator box up ready for skimming the face that fits against the tube plate. They were later joined by Steve. Instruction was given on the controls, and a fly cutter was obtained. By mid-afternoon most of the damage was removed, just need a final cut next week. Bob fitted the overflow pipe to the 8mm injector, then painted the new spring hanger bolts for the radial truck. Charles was working on the small vacuum pipe, and Dave and Peter found the blanking pieces for the main steam pipes. 

Saturday 11th November. 
No work today. 

Monday 13th November. 
Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M, Phil H, Tony H. 
Phil bought the finished flanges he had modified at home and also the boss for the vacuum pipe. Hopefully, these items can be welded on, next Saturday. Phil and Tony carried on machining the faces on the regulator box. This time we used a tipped tool in the fly cutter and speeded the cut up. We got a much better finish. The regulator box was turned over and a vertical tipped cutter was used, again a good finish was obtained. We then gave the faces we had machined a coat of wax oil. John Whitcomb our late treasurer would be pleased about that. Charles carried on working on the vacuum pipe and drilled the hole for the boss to fit over.

Saturday 18th November 
Dave Mc, Kevin S, Peter M, Simon B, Steve M, Tony H. 
Arrived on site to find the Fruit D and the GUV had been shunted out of platform 2 to the rear of the Boilershop. It took an hour to get the Fruit D connected up to the electricity supply and get a set of steps to get in. Simon then welded the threaded boss onto the small vacuum pipe. Then we bolted the short steam heat pipe that fits at the front of the loco, and lined up the flange that the steam heat valve bolts to. Once we were satisfied it was in the correct position, it was marked and the whole thing was taken off and the flange was welded on. We were then shunted back into platform 2 again. The power supply was reconnected. The welded parts were given a coat of Rustoleum. 

Monday 20th November. 
Bob L, Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M, Phil H, Steve T, Si B, Tony H. 
Dave and Peter were on a Crane Course all day. Let’s hope they pass, then we will not have to wait for a crane operator to become available to lift heavy items for us. Phil and Tony fitted the studs for the main steam pipes, and for the regulator box. Bob painted the steam heat pipework, the vacuum pipe that was welded on Saturday, and the toolboxes. Phil and Steve machined the steam heat flange that fits at the rear of the loco. This should be welded on Saturday. Steve and Jack did more seam welding on the base of the left-hand water tank.

Saturday 25th November. 
Kevin S, Simon B, Steve M, Tony H. 
The rear steam heat pipe was fitted to the loco, the flange that holds the cut-off valve was placed in position, and when we were satisfied it was in the upright position it was marked. The pipe was taken to the welding bay and the flange was welded on.The pipe was fitted back to the loco and the valve was bolted on to check that it looked correct.  It did, so the pipe was taken off to be given a coat of Rustoleum.

Monday 27th.
Only Charles L, and Dave Mc, on site today.
Dave has collected the new snaps, so we should be able to get back to riveting next week. The job was to take the combining valve, (or jokey value as it is commonly known) off the loco so Will could look at it, then make the small valve to complete it. 



The flange on the back of the regulator box, it has been machined and it has had a coat of waxoil to protect it. 


The Fireman's side injector overflow pipe was painted and fitted. 


The boss for reservoir vacuum release valve pipe to be fitted. The vacuum release valve allows the driver to destroy the vacuum on the reservoir side, it is also left open during shunting to stop the vacuum pub creating a vacuum in the braking system when the loco is not in steam.


Driver's side injector on 5164 at the NEC. We are collecting photos of the pipework on as many large prairies as we can to help now we are starting on the pipework. 


5164 in Hall 5 at the NEC Birmingham for the Warley model railway exhibition.

Two video of the flanges on the regulator box being machined by Phil H. Videos by Tony H.