4150 Locomotive Fund

May 2022 update

This month I thought it would be a good idea to have a change of scribe, therefore the May update has been put together by Tony Howard. Tony is no stranger to writing on the engineering progress, as he has been writing the annual report in the newsletter for a few years. So I will now shut up, over to Tony.

Monday 2nd May. Peter M, Steve M, Steve T and Tony H. Tony and Steve were working on making more gaskets of different shapes. They then looked at putting the long rod that operates the drain cocks from the cab. This rod is in two sections and was not marked up as to which was the front or back. After a trial and error exercise we work out which end was which. Unfortunately we could not fit it as the compensating beam was in the wrong position. We marked the front end of the rod and it will be ready to fit once the compensating beam is in the correct position. Steve M was painting various parts and Peter was sorting out the vacuum pump and other parts for the vacuum retaining valve.

Saturday 7th May. Kevin S, Peter M, Steve and Tony H. Kevin bought the flanges that we had ordered a couple of weeks ago. Tony bought the roll of cork that had been ordered last week. Tony and Kevin then made a number of gaskets. They then looked at the small vacuum pipe that has to be made. The original one has a S bend in it and although we have a photo of it on the loco taken in 2001 by the late John Whitcomb we have never been able to find it. We may be able to get away without have to have a S bend in the new one. Peter was trying to work out the pipework for the vacuum retaining valve. Steve was painting parts of the loco that are not visible with the tanks on. The welder was in the boiler shop doing the last of the infill welding. Once this is done the re tubing can start.

Monday 9th May. Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M and Tony H. Tony fitted the steam heat pipe bracket that fits at the bottom of the new stretcher plate. This bracket was taken off when the stretcher plate was riveted in last October as it was in the way. Tony then looked at putting the two cork gaskets in the vacuum pipes the other side of the stretcher plate. The flange on each pipe fit either side of the bracket. The bracket is bent approximately 15°. Tony with assistance from Charles it was found if the bracket was disconnect from the frame stretcher it would be easier to fit the gaskets. Gaskets fitted and flanges bolted up, the bracket was bolted back on to the frame stretcher. Peter sorted out a new brass drip valve casting. Just needs a final bit of machining. This will be done off site. Dave was dressing the welds on the boiler.

Saturday 14th May. Kevin S, Peter M, Simon B and Tony H. Kevin and Simon put the large curved plate back on the front of the loco also fitted the oil pot and connected it up to the oil pipes that lubricate the sliding plates in the pony truck. Peter bought the new flexible vacuum pipe to connect the vacuum retaining valve. Kevin Simon and Tony took the short section of steam heat pipe at the front of the loco and cut it to the correct length on the band saw. They then did the same to the longer section of steam heat pipe at the rear of the loco. This section had to go on the pipe bender to correct the position it was sitting. Steve was doing more painting.

Monday 16th May. Bryn T, Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter D, Peter M, Si B and Steve T. Charles was looking to make a new bracket for the front section of the steam heat pipe. Firstly the large front running plate needed to be removed. Tony and Steve helped in this and Charles made a template of the bracket. He will make bracket at home. Steve then made a gasket for the plate that covers the manhole in the bunker. He then fitted it back in the bunker. Bryn, Peter D Dave Mc temporary fitted the new ashpan to the firebox with a little fettling it was an excellent fit Peter M was operating the crane for this operation. Steve made cork washers for the pipework that fits onto the vacuum retaining valve. Si B was tidying up the van, we now have a clear space on the work bench.

Saturday 21st May. Charles L, Kevin S, Peter M, Steve and Tony H. A bit of a disaster today. Simon was looking to weld the flanges onto the front and rear of the steam heat pipes. First we had to see if we had a length of electric cable to reach the area we would be doing the welding. We found enough cable and got two welding screens to put around the area. We then realised that a reinforcing collar needed to be put on first and we did not have them. That job has been put back until we have them made. Charles called in for a hour to check the template he had made and to drill the two holes that will secure the bracket to the drag box. Once Charles was satisfied everything was correct he gave the template to Kevin to make one at his works.

Saturday 28th May. Kevin S, Steve M and Tony H. Just the three of us today. Kevin bought the bracket had been made at his place of work. This was designed by Charles to get the end section of the steam heat pipe square to the buffer beam. A trail fit to check the bolt holes lined up which they did then Steve gave the bracket two coats of Rustolium and a coat of black. We will give Charles the honour of fitting it on Monday. Tony and Kevin then cut two pieces of steel to make the collars that we need to reinforce the ends of the steam heat pipes where the heavy steam heat valves fit. Tony found the box that contained the various oil pot covers we had made a number of years ago as we needed one for one of the oil pots it just needed a hole drilling it for the screw. Tony drilled it, Steve painted it, another job done. The large front running plate was painted and also the inside of the drag box.

Monday 30th May. Bob L, Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter D, Phil H, Steve T and Tony H. Charles fitted the new bracket, just a bit of fettling to fit. Tony and Peter looked at fitting the pepper pot on the the end of one of the pipes that fit on the vacuum retaining valve. The female thread in the end of the pipe was 3/4" BSP and the Male thread was 7/8" BSP. After a discussion with Phil and Will M it was decided to alter the Male thread to 3/4" BSP. Tony and Phil also looked at the drip valves on the steam heat pipes and came up with a plan to replace the existing valves with GWR types. Charles and Steve put the large front running plate back in place. Dave and Peter were grinding the welds flat on the boiler, and afterwards came up with a plan to get the bunker back on the loco. The remaining rivets can be done with the bunker in situ.


Monday Steve surveys our new home outside the boiler shop, on the unloading area.


The new rear vacuum pipe in place, to see it fits correctly. It will be removed again so we can fit the bunker


The vacuum retaining valve in place, along with all the pipes going to the vacuum pump, drain pipe and the reservoir. We now have to join them together with flexible hoses.


This photo shows the steam heat valve on Hagley Hall, we will use this as a guide.


The steam heat pipe at the rear of the loco showing the pipe ready for the flange to be welded on.


The ash pan temporarily fitted, it only needed a little fettling to make it fit.