4150 Locomotive Fund

May 2020
Chairman’s update

We are doing our best to keep things moving during lockdown, but the SVR furloughed all of the engineering staff unit at least the end of June and then they will make a decision as to what to do. Up to the furloughing, all of the crown stays have been fitted. The kit of parts for the ash pan has been delivered to Bridgnorth. Peter Dodson, the Trustee leading the boiler project is working to get all the paperwork in order with the insurance company, so we can get all the welding done as soon as possible. Dave Link has been doing homework and has made the two wooden tops for the cab seats. Tony Howard has been making the lead washers that seal the bolts that hold down the bunker, plus all the bits and pieces that bolt onto the bunker and tanks. I know Peter Willoughby our Secretary has thanked you for your support for our appeal in the newsletter, but I must thank you myself and also welcome all the new shareholders, so welcome. It does seem a little strange not to be meeting up with the boys every week, we are keeping in contact by phone, but it is not the same.

As for the AGM, we are waiting for the lockdown to be eased and Government advice on when we can all get together.

I thought we would have a look back and see if we can find a few photographs of times gone by, so this is what we have fond.



This photo was taken on Thursday 6th. September 2018 as Britannia was being unloaded at Kidderminster. This squirrel decided that your chairman would give him a better view!


The next photo was taken at Bridgnorth, the day the boiler was delivered, 18th. June 2018. The three handsome young men with the chairman, are second left Simon Beaston, Tony Howard and Peter Dodson.