4150 Locomotive Fund

March Update

By Pete Maddicks

Saturday 5th. Well, here we go again, another month and more bits back on the loco. Today’s team was Tony H, Simon B, Si B, Steve M and myself.

Steve M cleaned up the rods on the driver’s side and then greased to keep the rust away.

Tony H and Si B fitted the vacuum pump drive bracket. Simon B and I fitted the brake rigging as far as the rear driving wheels. We then all got the last of the brake blocks fitted. We then moved the loco forward by three feet so we could tighten up the last of the four of the bolts securing the vacuum pump bracket and then fitted the split pins.

Monday 7th. Off to a great start today, Phil H Fitted the two retaining bolts that stop the big end’s from turning, he had made them as homework. He then made a start on tidying up the van.

Si B and D Mc fitted the front sand pipes. Si had taken the bottoms of the sand boxes to Bewdley on Saturday to weld on nut’s to make fitting and maintenance easier in the future.

Tony H, Bob L, Steve T and I fitted the last two springs and then we fitted the brake adjusters. So far so good, we then made a start on radial truck centralising spring gear. There are six major components, all good so far. Unfortunately we did not take it apart, therefore we had to work it out. We jacked up the rear of the loco, but first we removed the horn ties. The brackets that the spring bear against are a very snug fit, so we had to jack horns slightly apart and drive in the brackets. We then put up the central spring, after a long battle to get it in we found it was the wrong way round! Therefore the first job on Saturday is to take it down and turn it round, as by now it was time to go home.

Peter D was working in the boiler shop dressing up more of the weld’s. He is also tapping the boiler plug holes ready for the new plugs. Phil D Has been working on the opening’s for the mud hole doors, he has two more to do.

Saturday 12th. Another good day, Steve M was repairing the damage to the paint work on the wheels and under coated the front sand pipes. Tony H, Kevin S and I managed to finish off the radial truck. Kevin S and Tony H fitted the four ash covers on the centre and trailing axle boxes. New boy Phil Mac. (on his first day as a SVR volunteer) and I fitted the old spring hanger bolts, temporary so we can keep all of the suspension parts safe.

Monday 14th. What a lovely day, the sun was out all day. Tony H and Charles L fitted split pins and flogged up the under keeps. Steve T and I fitted the two springs for the radial truck we then put up the spring hangers. We then jacked up the loco and put some weight on the springs. Steve and I then fitted the rear horn guards. The next job of the day was to make a start fitting the vacuum pipes.

Peter D was working in the boiler shop, dressing up more weld’s and cleaning up more areas to be welded.

Saturday 19th. Six of us today. Steve M painting more bits and pieces. Tony H and Simon B flogging up all the brake rigging and fitting split pins. Kevin S, Gareth A and I fitted the two balance pipes from the tanks to where the bunker will go, we fitted two bits of angle iron to support that end. We then put the vacuum reservoir back in place and bolted it down. The cab floor was then put down and temporarily fixed down. The last job of the day was to put up the injector delivery pipes.

Monday 22nd. Another good day to day, with seven of us. Welcome to Brin Thomas, working with us for the first time. Hope you enjoyed your day and we all hope to see you again soon. Brin T, Bob L, Steve T, Tony H and I fitted the rest of the vacuum pipes. This was like doing a jigsaw with no picture! As we did not take it down, but we got there in the end. Then we did the steam heat pipes, same problem, but by the end of the day it was all up.

Saturday 26th. Another good turn out today, Steve M was touching up the paint work on the bunker. Si B and Simon B, after a battle, fitted the two eccentric straps and rods. Kevin S and Phil Mac first removed the splasher from the driver’s side tank and then took down the large balance pipe between the side tanks. Tony H was doing the job that is most important when you are working under the loco with no pit, if you need a spanner, or a hammer, well someone has to get them.

Monday 28th. We were down a little on numbers today, one on holiday and three off, covid related. I was late today as well, but we still managed to get quite a bit done. Steve M painted more bits. Charles L flogged up the nuts on the eccentric rods and fitted splint pins. Tony H and Si B took down the bottoms of the sandboxes under the cab and welded the bolts in that hold the sand pipes on. We now have the ten new spring hanger bolts. Steve will start to paint them on Saturday.



The rods cleaned and greased up.


One of the two retaining bolts that helps to stop the big ends from turning. Phil H made them as home-work. There are a lot of little bits like this that make up a steam locomotives and it cannot run with out them all.


The front sand pipes, left and right, the springs in place with the old spring hanger bolts. Look’s like a lot of space, but all the pipe work will go up next and then the pony truck.


Radial truck spring on the driver’s side in place.


Steve tightening up the bolts that hold the rear horn guards in place.


Looking down the black Area where the firebox would go, you can see the eccentrics through the frame stretcher.


The balance pipes have been put back up temporarily for safekeeping. The photo shows the fireman’s side in place.


The new spring hanger bolts fresh from machining, all ready for painting. Steve M job for Saturday.