4150 Locomotive Fund

June update

By Peter Maddicks

As I sit down to write this update I have just heard the sad news that Chris Proudfoot has past away. Chris was one of the leading lights in the 82045 Fund. I did not know him well, but he was always helpful and free with his time in our common cause. We would like to pass on our sympathy to his wife and family.

The major overhaul of the shed is now into its second month and they are making good progress. We are not allowed into the shed, but we can peek through the doors if they are open and it is so much lighter in there already. The bases for the uprights for the crane have been cast and work on the floor is moving on.

It is becoming more difficult to work on the loco as we are outside the boiler shop, no pit, we have to keep the loco mobile for access to the shop so boilers can be moved in and out. Although it will be well worth the delay once we can get back in the main shed.

Monday 6th. a good day today, the bunker was put back in place and the bolts around the outside have been put in. The first job was to cover the back of the loco with Waxoil, John Whitcomb, our late treasurer and friend would be so pleased, as he would never missed a chance extol the virtues of this product! We would like to thank Brian Malian, (JCB driver) and Dave Bates, (slinging). Both from the 82045 Fund of their help with the bunker.

The next job was to bolt up the balance pipes, Charles L, got the best job of the day, going inside the water space of the bunker to fit the bolts, with Steve T on the outside fitting the nuts and spring
washers. Tony H getting the bolts of the correct length, we have load’s of 3” by 5/8” bolts in stock, but we needed 3 1/4”long. Phil H. has made the collars that strengthen the steam heat pipes and Si B tack welded them on. Peter D and Dave Mc were dressing up the last of the welds on the boiler barrel. Bob L (Splash and dash) as he is known was touching up the paint work on the bunker. Si B, Tony H and myself refitted the vacuum swan neck on the rear of the loco.

Saturday 11th. on site today Tony H., Kevin S., Bob L., Simon B. and Steve M. We have been informed that the Stanier mogul boiler is going to come out of the shop for testing, therefore the first job of the day was to oil up the loco.

Monday 13th. Well the moguls boiler did not come out for testing as it was not quite ready. Charles L. and Steve T. managed to fit about half of the fixing down bolts inside the bunker. (Total bolts in the bunker 60). Tony H. again finding the right size and length bolts. He also had to find nuts and washers, they also fitted the drain valve on the bottom of the bunker. Tony and I found the three rear lamp brackets, and set them up ready for welding on Saturday. Tony, Charles and Steve refitted the vacuum pipe from the reservoir to the vacuum retaining valve.

Saturday 18th. A very odd day today, the Friday was the hottest day of the year so far, the Saturday was wet and cold! Therefore no welding or painting, we were waiting for the loco to be shunted, but we had to wait till after lunch. Phil H. had taken the new boiler plugs to have the heads machined from the BR profile to the GWR one. He brought them back and we filed off the sharp edges.

Monday 20th. A hot day today, Charles L. (Inside the bunker) Dave Mc. and Steve T. (on the outside), fitted the last of the fixings down bolts. They also tightened them down. Bob L., Steve T. and Bryn T. cleaned down the front of the loco and got a coat of back paint on. Peter D. was working on the boiler, he tapped out the foundation ring. These holes have studs fitted that hold on the ash pan and the grate.

Saturday 25th. I could not be at Bridgnorth today, but Simon B., Si Brooks., Kevin S., Tony H. and Steve M. were on site. They welded on the rear lamp brackets and the flanges on the steam heat pipes.

Monday 27th. Bob L. got some green paint on the lamp brackets. Charles L. Steve T. and Tony H. refitted the steam heat pipes. Pete D. was working in the boiler shop on the stays , getting ready to fit the stay nuts. Dave Mc. Had a trip down to Slough in the company van to pick up the copper cap for Hagley Hall.


The bunker is slowly lowered into place. You can see the team looking on from a safe distance. From right to left, Peter D, Phil H, Dave B, (in the hard hat), Si B, Steve T, Tony H and your scribe. Brian M is driving the JCB. Photo: Bob Lenard.


The loco and van being shunted to get the bogie bolster ready to go into the boiler shop for the boiler off 13268 to go on for testing.


One of the new boiler plugs ready to go into the boiler.


The boiler off 13268 on the wagon ready for testing to start.