4150 Locomotive Fund

June 2021 Update

By Pete Maddicks

Not a lot to report on the loco this month, as we are waiting for the Isle of Man boiler to come out of the boilershop, we will then be able to get the loco under the overhead crane to get the cab roof and bunker off.

My father has been going through his old photos and has found one of the early days, I think late 70’s early 80’s, at a show in Ross on Wye. The gentleman behind the stall is Rod McKay, he is a guard on the SVR.

We have had a quiet month on the loco, so Peter Dodson will bring us up to date on the boiler.

4150 Boiler Overhaul

By Peter Dodson

Well, what has happened this month? The specially manufactured crown stay nuts have now been fitted of the 160 crown stays that were fitted last year. Now that sounds like progress, but only 3 were the correct length, ie giving 1 thread above the nut.

So, the task of reducing the excess material began. Some 37 cutting discs later, together with a couple of grinding discs and all the 157 stays have been reduced to somewhere around 1 thread above the nut. The photo only proves what has been done. It was noticed that on the Mogul when it was last overhauled by British Rail the excess crown stay material was burnt off!

Not to be content with the above a bit more needle gunning of the barrel has taken place in the areas that need ‘infilling’, and those areas have been identified, for phase 1 work. The welder has passed all his tests, which is good news. He is unfortunately very busy, and has outstanding jobs on both Hagley Hall and on the Isle of Man boiler No4, which will take precedence, over our boiler.

More good news the smoke and flue tubes have been ordered, and as we have managed to order them before August we may have saved ourselves a substantial price increase.

You will notice that there are a lot of white bags under the boiler. They contain the rivets for the side tanks. Another job that will completed when we manage to get the locomotive into the Boiler House. If only MPD had a lifting crane, please support the SVR in raising funds to re-roof the shed and install a crane.

Phil D has been looking at the mud doors and has condemned one and there was one missing. Now that is when I presented him with 20 odd out of the fruit van. Some work needs to be carried out on the sealing faces, which will keep us busy for a while, next month.

In summary work is progressing well, even if the welding is taking time.



4150's boiler with all 157 stay nuts fitted.


Rod McKay on duty behind the sales stand, late 70’s or early 80’s. Photo: Eric Maddicks.