4150 Locomotive Fund

January 2024 update

By Pete Maddicks and Tony Howard

First may I apologise for the late posting of this update, this was due to my phone crashing as soon as it was all ready to send, therefore I have re-written it and after a visit to the Apple i-shop I have got my photos back!

Well we got off to a good start to the year, we have ordered the 3 1/2” copper pipe to make the new steam pipes. Brian, of the full time staff has made a jig so the specialist company in Scotland can make the new ones. Tony will now bring you up to date on this month’s activities.

Monday 8th January.
Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M, Si B, Steve T, Tony H.
First working day of 2024.
Arrived at Bridgnorth just in time to see the G.U.V, the fruit D, and the flying pig being shunted to the end of Hollybush siding. This is in readiness for the work on the main yard.

First job was to find the steps, then coil up the electrical cable that supplies power to the fruit D. The cables and steps were taken to the fruit D and the electricity was connected. We could now boil the kettle and have the lights on.

Charles and Steve shortened the rivets for the next phase of riveting the tanks. Tony and Simon were working in the Smokebox checking that the copper steam pipes were sitting correctly. Once we were satisfied that they were correct ,the Superheater Header was bolted down. The copper pipework was taken off ready to use as a pattern to make the new ones.

Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th, Saturday 13th January.
Dave Mc, Kevin S, Jack K, Peter M, Simon B, Steve M, Tony H.
Tuesday and Thursday this week, more riveting of the tanks was done. There's not a lot more riveting to be done on this left hand tank, so the next big job on it is welding.

The long splasher which bolts to the underside of the tank was prepared for welding. The new rivet heads were given a coat of Rustoleum both inside and outside. The new spring hanger bolts for the radial truck were given a coat of chassis black.

Saturday 20th January.
No work today.

Monday 22nd January.
Bob L, Charles L, Dave Mc, Peter M, Si B, Steve T, Tony H.
The chimney was returned along with its new copper cap. Tony and Dave looked at fitting the new spring hanger bolts, and arrangements were made as to when the loco could be shunted over the pit. More preparation work was done in the boiler shop to finish the left hand water tank. Bob and Peter fitted the toolboxes on the shelf in the cab.

Saturday 27th January
Charles L, Dave Mc, Steve T, Tony H., Jack K Boilershop staff.
The majority of the riveting completed on the left-hand water tank. The back plates, large pipe that the water pipe feeds, the cracks goes through the overflow pipe and the top plates were bought into the boiler shop all ready for welding. The long splasher was eventually fitted to the bottom of the tank. This took a lot longer than we expected. It is ready to be welded on.


The jig made by Brian, with the old right hand steam pipe fitted. All you have to do to make the left hand pipe is to move the upright to the other side.


The drivers and fireman’s tool boxes fitted into place on the shelf.


This photo shows the outside of the fireman’s side tank with all of the rivets completed. Just as I took the photograph Si Brooks popped his head over the top. He had been dressing the welds on the inside.


The copper cap for the chimney is back from the specialist in Gloucester. He let in a small piece from a damaged one, you can’t see the join!


Charles on a mission, he has spent a great deal of time this month working in our fruit van, we can now see the floor as you can see.