4150 Locomotive Fund

January update

By Pete Maddicks

Well I managed to get to Bridgnorth on Monday 10th., but that was it, my Granddaughter brought Covid home from school and by the following Wednesday I tested positive.

The boys have been battling on, the eccentric straps have been put back up and all the split pins fitted. The leading driving wheels axle under keeps filler’s have been straightened and drains fitted. The driving and trailing wheels have had the fillers modified with drains fitted. The under keep lubrication pads cages have been repaired and new felt pads fitted, they have been put in to soak in an oil bath.

I am grateful to Tony H for the next part of the report. Saturday 15th. Simon B and Tony H took the six brake hangers down off the loco, ready to fit the grease nipples. They were center popped ready for drilling to tapping size, 11.5 mm.

Monday 17th. Charles L pilot drilled the brake hangers and then drilled to tapping size. Si B and Steve T looked at the oil pads in the crossheads that need to be replaced. It was decided that the crossheads would need to removed to make replacement easier and safer. They also fitted the new felt pads in the repaired cages that fit in the under keeps. New springs have also been fitted to the cages as well. Your thanks go to the Foremarke Hall Group from the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway, who had the correct springs in stock, also to Dave Mc who drove down to Toddington to collect them. The completed pads were then put in the oil bath to soak for a week before being put in the axle box under keeps. Peter D cleaned the journals, removing spots of paint, gave them a good polish and then covered them in fresh oil.

Saturday 22nd. Simon B tapped the brake hangers for the grease nipples, 1/4” BSP. Kevin S put the modified keeps through the bosh to give them a final clean. They have had new oil fillers and drains fitted. The drain plugs were machined by Carl J as home work. The cleaned keeps were then temporarily fitted to the axle boxes. Steve M applied a coat of paint to the crossheads.

Monday 24th. the grease nipples were fitted to the brake hangers by Charles L, who then fitted them back on the loco, assisted by Tony H and Dave Mc. Steve T carried out more work on the felt pads that fit onto the side of the axle boxes and lubricate the horn guides. Peter D helped out in the boiler shop to turn it over on to the other side so the welder can finish off.

Thursday 27th. an extra day today, as it was hoped to put the loco back on her driving wheels and radial truck on Monday 31st. I was not on site again, because I was still testing positive, therefore yet again I am indebted to the boys for all the following information.

Saturday 29th. A good turnout today, Charles L, Tony H, Phil H, Dave Mc, Steve T, Peter D and Peter W. The boys managed to get six axle boxes back on, the leading coupled and the driving and trailing axle. (See photo 3).

Monday 31st. Well, the day we have been working towards is now with us. We had a fantastic turn out too. Dave Mc, Peter W, Peter D, Charles L, Tony H, Steve T, Si B, Phil H, Bob L, plus myself. Driving the jacks were Dave F-I and John R of the full time staff. We put the loco back on her wheels. The first thing was to get the horn ties off, then clean the horns and oil them up. Once the loco was up in the air, we first rolled the radial truck into place, followed by the trailing coupled, driving and then the leading coupled wheels. We then slowly lowered the loco onto the wheels. We then refitted the horn ties. We cannot fit the springs yet as we are waiting for the new spring hanger bolts. By the end of the day the loco was an 0‑6‑2! We will put the pony truck in as soon as we get the new rubber pads and new rubbing plates.

As this was all going on, the welder was working on the boiler.

So as you can see it was a very busy month. We still have a great deal to do, but we will be on site Friday, Saturday and Monday next week to push the job on as we have to get off the jacks so the preparation for the contractor who is going to install the new roof and fit the crane can get on with the job.



The new grease nipples fitted to the first brake hanger.


The axle boxes fitted to the driving wheels ready for the frames to be lowered on the following Monday.


The loco back on it wheels, looking like a complete engine again.


Phil Davidson preparing to turn the boiler over so the welder can finish off.


The boiler turned over and round, so it is the correct way for the welder and as soon as he is finished the boiler can be put upright for the tubes to go in.