4150 Locomotive Fund

April Update

By Peter Maddicks

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd, no working on the loco as it was the open house weekend. We had a stand in the boiler shop and we had “sponsor a tube” with the prize of a footplate ride. Congratulations to Nigel Stafford, hope you enjoy your trip.

Monday 4th. A good turn out today and a great day too. Tony H, Charles L, Dave Mc, Bob L, Steve T and myself on site. Tony and Charles fitted the rear sand pipes, Bob painted the new spring hanger bolts plus a few other bit and pieces. Dave, Steve and I where getting ready to reassemble the pony truck. As soon as we had setup the lift with the crane we put it back together, but as it has a compensating beam it is not that simple, but we got it all done and moved it into the shed close to the wheel drop ready for a time slot to put it back under the loco on the wheel drop.

Saturday 9th. Tanks off today, a great team effort, a big thank you to Steve Jones for driving the 08, Brian Malian and Dave Bates of the 82045 group for driving the JCB and slinging respectively. It is great to see the groups working together to get the job done. Your team today was Tony H, Charles L, Steve T, Phil H, Dave Mc, Peter D and myself.

Saturday 16th. Just four of us today, Tony H, Simon B, Bob L and myself. Steve M popped in later as he was having problems with his boiler. Today’s job was to start getting ready to fit the pony truck, first we moved it under the crane so we could remove the bomb, (this is the casting that sits on top of the pony truck). The next job was to remove the steam heat and vacuum pipes for under the front of the loco. We then made a start on getting the door on the opposite side of the van open, as when work on the roof starts we will be moved down the Hollybush carriage siding, as space in the yard will be scarce.

Monday 18th. Getting ready to put the pony truck in today, Charles L fitted the last of the split pins on the pony truck and then moved on to the vacuum pump securing bolts, he flogged them up and then fitted split pins. Tony H and Steve T, jacked up the front of the loco and removed the temporary packing from the top of the axle boxes. Simon B and I fitted the small vacuum pipe onto the coupler that will connect it to the brake cylinder.

Thursday 21st. An extra day today, Tony H. and I traveled by train from Kidderminster today as the car park at Bridgnorth was going to be very busy. We were working with Will, Gary and Olly of the full time staff. Well all did not go as we had hoped, but by the end of the day the job was 90% complete, all that was then left to do was the two spring hanger bolts to fit and all the last few pipes to put back up.

Saturday 23th. Tony H, Simon B, Helen B, Kevin S, Steve M and myself today. The first job of the day was to setup the stand on platform two. Helen, Kevin and I took it in terns to run it. Tony and Simon refitted the vacuum pipe under the pony truck and the swan neck on the front buffer beam. I fitted the new vacuum bag that I made up earlier. We also made a start on refitted the drain cock mechanism. Steve made a start on painting all of the parts that were covered by the tanks.

Monday 25th. It was the last day today that we could have the loco on the pit before the roof work starts, so Tony H, Bryn T and myself tried to put up the steam heat pipe work, we found that it was fouling one of the eccentric straps. It was therefore decided that it would need modifying. Steve T made up all the gaskets for the steam heat. Charles L and Dave Mac. modified the sheet over the loco so it does not fill with water. Si B made new cotter pins for the crossheads. Peter D was working on the cab roof, getting ready to fit the front window frames.

Saturday 30th. We were settling into our new temporary home outside the boiler shop, we will be on the move during the shed works too keep out of the way. Tony H and Simon B cut and fitted more cork gaskets for the vacuum pipes. Charles L and I fitted new oil pipes to the top of the pony truck. Charles then made and fitted a new pipe bracket for the steam heat at the front of the loco. I fitted the vacuum bag at the rear of the loco. Steve M cleaned and painted the vacuum pump. He also painted the underside of the front plate work.



Simon B and Helen B on the stand in the boiler shop.


The pony truck all back together, Charles, looking very serious, as Dave repositioning the wooden packing.


The loco ready for the tanks to be lifted off.


Tanks off and sheeted down to keep the rain out as she is going to be outside as the new roof goes on.


The tanks on the flat ED wagon, ready to go to the boiler shop for riveting.


The pony truck down in the wheel drop ready for work to start.


Slowly the pony is lifted into place.


The job done, she is a Prairie again!


The shed empty, all ready for the contractor to start work on the Tuesday after the holiday weekend.